Man wearing Dodgers gear dies from knife wounds after fight among fans near AT&T Park on Wednesday night

David Brown
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A man who apparently was part of a group of baseball fans died from stab wounds following a fight near AT&T Park after the San Francisco Giants-Los Angeles Dodgers game Wednesday night. Police said the man who died, 24-year-old Jonathan Denver, was wearing Dodgers gear, but they don't know for certain that he attended the game.

UPDATE: In an Associated Press story, police say two people have been arrested in connection with the crime.

Not much more information has been released yet, but here's what CBS in San Francisco is reporting:

San Francisco Police said a confrontation between two groups of men following a Dodgers and Giants game broke out near the intersection of Third and Harrison streets about 11:40 p.m.

Denver was walking away from the stadium with his father and brother when a verbal disagreement led to a physical confrontation involving a knife, police said.

His father and brother were there? That makes it even more horrible.

We're not sure how much baseball had to do with the argument. Regardless, it's no better than a sad and scary coincidence. People have the right to think they're safe going to a baseball game.

Of course, this brings up memories of Bryan Stow, the father of two, a paramedic and a Giants fan who was beaten nearly to death in a Dodger Stadium parking lot two years ago. Coincidentally, the Giants are fundraising this week for Stow, who is slowly recovering from brain injuries but still has major medical bills and ailments that likely will shadow him for the rest of his life. Stow has been home since June because his insurance has run out.

The San Francisco Appeal has some details about the fundraising:

Fans who buy tickets in certain sections of AT&T Park for games ... Thursday and Sunday will have $10 of their ticket price donated to the Bryan Stow Fund, according to team officials.

The Giants play the Los Angeles Dodgers today through Thursday and then the San Diego Padres for their last three games of the season Friday through Sunday.

If you can't go to the game and are financially able, also consider giving to a fund that will help Stow and his kids.

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