One-of-a-kind World Series ring from 1919 goes up for auction

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

You can own the 1919 World Series ring that Shoeless Joe Jackson and his "Black Sox" teammates never did. The only 1919 World Series ring known to exist is now up for auction through Lelands. The current high bid? $33,275.

This ring comes with quite a story. First there's the one you know: The Cincinnati Reds won that World Series amid one of baseball's most famous scandals. Players from the Chicago White Sox were alleged to have thrown the series and afterward were banned from baseball.

Now the story you might not know: Back then most players didn't get World Series rings. They got World Series pendants (H/N @buckweaver) because rings were considered "effeminate." Reds manager Pat Moran, however, got a ring after the '19 series. According to the item description by Lelands, Moran's ring was given to a milkman in the manager's hometown after his death. Crazy, right?! Must have been some good milk.

It has been in the possession of the "milkman's" son, who has had it for 50 years. NRMT condition with original diamond. It has never previously sold and fresh to the market.

A 2013 milk man — if there were such a thing anymore — probably isn't making enough coin to buy this historic ring. But it's a treat for a well-to-do baseball fan who wants a limited piece of memorabilia with a fascinating backstory.

The current auction catalog from Lelands also includes bats used by Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente and Stan Musial, a game-worn Hank Aaron jersey and a Rickey Henderson stolen base.

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