One of the coolest first pitches you’ll ever see, thanks to Korean baseball

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Holy hip replacement! Get a load of this first pitch thrown out at a Korean Baseball Organization game recently. Since I can't read or speak Korean, I can't tell you too awfully much about the backstory here or who this miraculous woman is wearing a Doosan Bears jersey.

I can tell you this: This is crazy awesome and you'll probably watch it 15 times in a row. Bless you, magic first pitch lady.

Memo to Tiffany Hwang, the Korean pop star, who threw out that horrible first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game earlier this season: This is how you do it. In fact, this puts pretty much every MLB first pitch I've ever seen to shame. Even you, Colin Kaepernick.

I'm almost — ALMOST — willing to forgive Korea now for unleashing "Gangnam Style" on the rest of the world.

BLS H/N: Reddit

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