Old Yankees box office phone number now owned by sex hotline

Some important information if you're planning on buying New York Yankees tickets in the near future. You'll want to update your list of box office phone numbers by crossing off 800-913-9793.

Just trust me on this one. Unless of course you want to find yourself explaining to a family member or significant other why "Jake from State Farm" is on the other line.

You know what I'm getting at.

According to Natalie O'Neill of the New York Post, the old toll-free number mentioned above that at one time connected you directly to the Yankees box office number is now owned by a sex hotline. Instead of pressing 2 to speak to a representative about how many tickets are available in section 214, you can speak to a hot lady who's been waiting for your call all of her life... for a small fee after a five minute trial!

Or however that works.

Honestly, I don't plan on doing any real investigating into the matter, but thankfully Jessica Roy over at BetaBeat already has.

The actual box office phone number can be found on the Yankees’ season tickets page, so we called them to ask why the box office phone number might be sending fans to a phone sex hotline instead. A recording of pitcher CC Sabathia answered, but his voice was nowhere near as sexy as the woman from America’s hottest talk line.

The box office official who answered after the recording said it was the first he’d heard of the phone sex snafu. Sadly, he had no comment, and hung up on us before we could say goodbye.

Well, hey, we imagine they were caught a little off guard and maybe even embarrassed by the discovery. Nine times out of the ten, that will lead to getting hung up on. Roy did end up getting in touch with Yankees spokeswoman Alice McGillion, but we found McGillion's response to the Post report to be a little more forthcoming.

A spokeswoman for the Yankees said the team stopped using the toll-free number in early 2009 and that the whole thing is an Internet quirk.

“It’s not a Yankee issue. It’s an idiosyncratic thing with Google,” said spokeswoman Alice McGillion.

She said callers used the “temporary” 800 number for seat relocations in 2008 and 2009. The team has no control over what happens after another company takes over a phone number it once used, she said.

So there you have it. Not that anyone was really accusing the Yankees of anything creepy, but it's nice to have some clarification that they were completely unaware. Now we can go back to focusing on more pressing matters, like what numbers the Yankees can call for offensive and bullpen support on the heels of their rough opening week.

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