Will Ohman cut by Nationals during spring training game

Professional baseball (and sports in general) can be a rough business.

We’re sure a 10-year veteran like Will Ohman already knew that long before taking the mound in Sunday’s Grapefruit League game against the St. Louis Cardinals. But just in case he needed a reminder, he got one right after struggling through a two-hit, two-walk sixth inning appearance.

The Nationals decided to include the left-handed reliever in their first round of cuts (he’ll be reassigned to minor league camp), which is a tough enough pill for a guy in his position to swallow, but there's a reason this reassignment might sting a little more than most.

The decision on Ohman was made quickly. So quickly, in fact, manager Davey Johnson didn’t bother waiting for the game to end before informing him of their plans.


Of course Ohman, who posted an ugly 6.41 ERA in 32 appearance with the Chicago White Sox last season, was considered a long shot to make the roster anyway, especially after a pulled hamstring slowed down his progress early in camp.

But seriously… ouch.

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Johnson would later explain the cuts — which included pitchers Bill Bray, Brandon Mann and Tanner Roark — as simply having too many pitchers in camp and not innings too effectively evaluate them. That’s certainly understandable. But gosh, the approach used for Ohman seems a little harsh. I would say at least wait until he’s showered, dressed and things have settled down in the clubhouse after the game before calling him into the office.

Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe the quicker you find out the better. Maybe the less people around the better. I don’t know. I’ve never been in that position. I just think it had to be an awkward feeling, and certainly a discouraging message to receive under those circumstances.

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