Oh geez — Yankees will be investigated for tampering after comment about Mike Trout

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There's this silly jabfest going on between Robinson Cano and the New York Yankees about who didn't "respect" the other side in their contract negotiations. Yahoo Sports' Tim Brown delves into the issue in his latest column.

Friday, during the press conference to announce Jacoby Ellsbury as the newest star in pinstripes, Yankees president Randy Levine made a comment about Mike Trout that has apparently caught the eye of Major League Baseball. Here's what he said:

If Mike Trout was here, I would recommend a 10-year contract. But for people over 30, I don’t believe it makes sense. I don’t think Hal thinks it makes sense. We were very clear about that.”

As you can see, it's more about 10-year contracts and less about Mike Trout. Trout is just the go-to namedrop when you want to reference a young star in baseball. However, MLB will now investigate whether this constitutes tampering by the Yankees and Levine. As if Levine was talking to Trout and his camp in code. 

Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times explains:

Levine's comments might appear benign in context, but a league source noted that Levine could have made his point without using Trout's name. Club officials generally are forbidden from talking about players under contract to other teams, in part to avoid the perception that Team A is trying to drive up the cost for Team B to keep a player.

"We're not going to comment on the opinions of others regarding one of our players," Angels spokesman Tim Mead said.

The Angels had no other comment. MLB spokesman Pat Courtney confirmed the investigation but declined additional comment. If the league decides Levine was meddling in the Angels' business, unintentionally or otherwise, the Yankees probably would be subject to a fine.

FYI: Every team in baseball would be stupid not to sign Mike Trout, who is 22, to a 10-year contract right this second if given the opportunity. There's no need to pass that along via double-talk. (Trout, by the way, isn't actually a free agent until 2017).

Look, I enjoy the Yankees being miserable as much as the next baseball blogger, but sheesh, if MLB looks into this for more than 10 minutes, it's quite silly.

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