It’s official: Bobby Valentine’s next gig is running a college athletics program

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Bobby Valentine couldn't cut it at one institution that's basically a religion: The Boston Red Sox. Now, he's officially headed to another religious institution to be its athletics director.

Valentine, the World Series-winning manager and outspoken former ESPN baseball analyst, is the new AD at Sacred Heart University, a Catholic college in Valentine's home state of Connecticut.

Odd move? Kinda. But kinda not. Bobby V took a job as the director of health and public safety in Stamford, Conn., a couple years ago after leaving a managerial job. He also ran a sports bar some years back.

Perhaps he has a "Bobby V. Bucket List" that we're not privy to and it's full of things like:

• "Lead a Japanese team to a championship."
• "Make one of baseball's most storied franchises a sideshow for a year."
• "Invent popular lunch item."
• "Make the Guinness book for oyster shucking."
• "Beat 'Super Mario Bros.' in less than 10 minutes." (What? You don't think he could?)

Reached by The Connecticut Post about this new job, Valentine said:

"An intriguing opportunity has been presented to me and it's something I really feel I can enjoy doing and I feel could be mutually beneficial."

Valentine, 62, will oversee the 31 teams at Sacred Heart. A bit of absurd math tells us Bobby V will last two years in this job. (Please don't make us show our work on that.).

For no other reason than it making us laugh, here, from a previous Stew post, is Bobby Valentine mashed-up with Rodney Dangerfield in "Back to School."

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