Get off my lawn! Robinson Cano reacts to Eduardo Nunez invading his territory

Earlier in the season we saw Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus and third baseman Adrian Beltre engage in a series of cat and mouse games on popups to their side of the infield. In fact, on more than one occasion a playful Andrus has darted in front of Beltre only to bail out of the way at the last moment to allow the veteran to make the play with an accelerated heart rate.

Guess how that went over?

You got it: First there was a death stare, and then came the veteran's revenge.

Lesson learned for Andrus. He hasn't dared to venture into Beltre's territory since, and we might suggest he gets a hold of New York Yankees fill-in shortstop Eduardo Nunez before he wanders onto Robinson Cano's side of second base again to catch a popup like he did on Wednesday night.

Here's why:

Phase 1: The death stare.

Phase 2: No selling the ball flip.

Phase 3: A second, more menacing death stare.

Phase 4: I'm just messing with you... this time.

Listen, I understand that Nunez, as the shortstop, is viewed as the captain of the infield and should attempt to get to any ball he can. However, when there's a four-time All-Star, two-time Gold Glove winner and a true superstar of the game in the vicinity, pump the brakes and stand down.

With Derek Jeter's impending return to shortstop, however, this probably isn't something Nunez needs to worry about too much longer.

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