Oakland Athletics’ Josh Reddick stars in Vine video PSA: ‘Put the cart in the CART BIN!’

David Brown
Big League Stew

Slugger Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics finds himself on the disabled list right now because of a right wrist injury. That gives him extra time to go to Target and resume his role as a consumer, which are vital to the United States economy. But Reddick, a former Answer Man victim, is also a thoughtful shopper.

When Reddick recently noticed shopping carts accumulating where they don't belong — up on a sidewalk instead of the cart bin — he got perturbed. But he also got out his mobile phone to make a video on Vine. Vine videos are kind of like GIF animations with sound. They're short, and they amusingly (and/or annoyingly) loop over and over again. Reddick's public-service message was this:

"This is just sad and laziness. You put the cart in the CART BIN! Easy as that."

Amen, brother. Notice that he puts the cart in the cart bin with his left (non-injured) wrist. That's thinkin'. Now here's to Reddick getting his stroke back, once he has his health. It would be good karma for cleaning up the parking lots of 'Merica.

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