‘Numbnuts!’: Jordany Valdespin decked in headline by New York Post

David Brown

On Monday, The Stew reported on Jordany Valdespin of the New York Mets getting hit in the sensitive male area with a 94-mph fastball by Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers. After experiencing some obvious discomfort, Valdespin appeared to be OK, saying later that "Everything is good, working good, normally, everything is great.”

Well, that was before a New York tabloid, — not to mention Mets manager Terry Collins — got hold of Valdespin by the short and curlies. So to speak.

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The New York Post, always amusing if not classy, went with "Numbnuts!" for a headline. The phrase "plunked in the junk" appears in the web page's URL, if you notice. And that wasn't the only kick to the crotch that Valdespin got in the press.

Collins ripped Valdespin for not wearing a protective cup. Not all players do (a lot of players don't — it's not like Little League where they frequently check) but infielders are strongly advised protect themselves. Quoted by the Post, Collins said:

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“You would think if you are starting at second base, you would be smart enough to wear a cup,” manager Terry Collins fumed to The Post after the Mets’ 11-0 victory at Joker Marchant Stadium.

I don't comprehend how a player doesn't wear a cup, honestly. Too much risk. And if the cup is too constricting, then someone needs to invent a better cup. However, remember that Valdespin was batting when he got hit, not playing in the field. If this had happened to, oh, outfielder Lucas Duda, would Collins be fuming at him when it's seemingly routine for outfielders to skip guarding the family jewels?

Regardless, here's today's lesson: Never let anything embarrassing happen when you play for a New York team.

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