Nook Logan, the ex-MLB player, is pretty darn convinced that Aaron Hernandez is innocent

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The more-unbelievable-by-the-week Aaron Hernandez murder saga got even more sordid on Wednesday, as a new article from Rolling Stone magazine rolled out a number of claims about Hernandez. Chief among them: he used angel dust, he was extremely paranoid and he was really close to getting kicked off the New England Patriots before he became a murder suspect.

At this point, innocent until proven guilty be damned, the court of public opinion has largely convicted Hernandez (except maybe the "Aaron Hernandez is fiiiiiiine" crowd). He's like the football version of Casey Anthony. But one such Aaron Hernandez-is-innocent believer is Nook Logan, the ex-MLB player who spent parts of four big-league seasons with the Detroit Tigers and Washington Nationals.

Logan had, to put it nicely, an unspectacular career. He showed promise early on as a speedy outfielder, winning the Tigers rookie of the year award in 2004. Ultimately, he was expendable in Detroit with Curtis Granderson around. Then Logan went to Washington and didn't pan out there either. Later, he was implicated in The Mitchell Report and confessed using HGH. Logan last played in 2010 in the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball with the Newark Bears. His MLB career finished with a .268 batting average and 59 stolen bases.

Now, about Aaron Hernandez. Not only does Logan think the ex-Patriots tight end is innocent, he believes it so much that he was willing to spend a couple hours on Wednesday tweeting about it and arguing with people who disagreed with him. Here's what started it all:

Hear that prosecutors? It would be dumb for a guy with so much money to murder someone. So let's just call this whole trial off. Release Hernandez. Send him home. Get him back on an NFL team. Nothing to see here. Nook said so. Of course there's more:

But is it really? That's a pretty solid question, Nook. We don't know if it's you, or the Hernandez defense team commandeering this Twitter account to lay the groundwork of reasonable doubt.

You know what's coming next, right? Of course you do. A CONSPIRACY theory!

Here's the good news, ladies and gentlemen, you can hire Nook Logan through Change the Game LLC as a motivational speaker. How about we all pitch in and hire him to give the Patriots a pep talk before their season opener?

Baseball season's in full swing. Don't miss a thing.
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