Nolan Ryan to release beef cookbook in 2014

When it comes to helping put the necessary ingredients together to field a consistently successful baseball team, Nolan Ryan has proven to be up to the task.

Of course the Texas Rangers president and CEO will never share his best tips with the public in that regard, but he does intend on sharing his favorite recipes for putting together consistently tasty meals.

That's right, the all-time strikeout king and baseball Hall of Famer is putting together The Nolan Ryan Beef Cookbook according to a Little, Brown and Company press release on Monday. The cookbook will feature dozens of Ryan's favorite recipes, some dating all the way back to his childhood, with a focus on Texas-style BBQ and grilling, in addition to recipes for roasting, pan searing, scoring, braising, and deep-frying.

But don't worry baseball fans, it won't all be about food.

The 65-year-old Ryan also plans to work in a few baseball stories, from his years pitching for the New York Mets, California Angels and other teams to his current job as CEO and president of the Texas Rangers. His previous books include the memoirs "Miracle Man" and "Throwing Heat."

As C. Trent Rosecrans of Eye of Baseball alluded to, maybe one of those stories will include his recipe for the knuckle sandwiches he served to Robin Ventura in 1993.

All kidding aside, it's clear this project is going to be a special one for Ryan as ranching and agriculture have always been a big part of his life. Here's a little more from the press release that sheds some light on that, as well as the creation of Nolan Ryan's All Natural Beef and the formation of the cookbook itself.

"Ever since he bought his first heifer at the tender age of ten, ranching has been close to Nolan Ryan's heart. Ryan was one of the first baseball players to sign a contract worth $1 million. He invested his earnings in a ranch. While still pitching for the Texas Rangers he was asked to run for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, and during this period in his career, he started to compile his favorite beef recipes. Ryan served on the Board of Directors of the Beefmaster Association, and while there started his own eponymous brand, Nolan Ryan's All Natural Beef, to increase consumer awareness of the brand."

The Nolan Ryan Beef Cookbook is currently scheduled for release in May 2014.

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