No April Fools’ joke: New York Yankees opening-day lineup

David Brown
Big League Stew

Because of extensive injuries to roughly $10 billion in payroll, this is the best the New York Yankees can do for an opening-day lineup. In a lot of ways, there's even more pressure than usual on the Boston Red Sox to beat the Yankees, given how their 1-through-9 shapes against left-hander Jon Lester on Monday.

And there's a problem with saying, "You better take advantage now, because they'll heal eventually and be back to the old Yankees."

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The ankle injury to Derek Jeter is troublesome going forward. A-Rod's effectiveness was reduced even before his hip went bad. Mark Teixeira is already pondering life as not being the same player he used to be. They're counting on Vernon Wells being better because of ... pride? Kevin Youkilis still hasn't proven he has bounced back all of the way. And their catching tandem is ugly. Not facially, but in other ways.

The Yankees are a hot mess right now.

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