NLCS Game 7 pregame photos (and Matt Holliday is in the Cards lineup)

David Brown
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SAN FRANCISCO — We've got about a half-hour to go before Game 7 of the NLCS. Full disclosure: As of 4:30 p.m. local time, rain had stopped after about an hour of drip.

In lineup news, Matt Holliday didn't take batting practice with his mates on the St. Louis Cardinals, but his spasming back is good enough for him to play after missing Game 6.

As we tick down until San Francisco's Matt Cain throws the first pitch to Jon Jay, let's take a look around AT&T Park for some pregame images:

Angel Pagan's nickname (apparently) is "Pag Man." It is stitched onto his glove, so this isn't one of those nicknames that appear out of nowhere like on (where, it says incidentally, that Pagan's nickname is "Crazy Horse.") You can't make this stuff up, except someone did.

And there's "Ol' Crazy Pac-Man" himself, Angel Pagan.

* * *

Matt Carpenter of the Cards looks sort of like Charlie Day of "It's Always Sunny," but he's giving someone the stink-eye right here. Glad it's not me.

* * *

Marco Scutaro speaks with a reporter from Univision. It would have been better if he spoke with Telemundo, because "Telemundo" always must be pronounced by shouting the word: "TeleMUNDO!" Like that.

* * *

And that goes double for Timmay!

* * *

Susan Tedeschi is singing the "Star Spangled Banner." You know she's famous because she's wearing leather pants (not pictured).

* * *

These guys from the Cardinals better not let MLB honcho Joe Torre see them fraternizing with Ryan Theriot of the Giants. And vice versa. They're supposed to be sworn enemies, even if they played on the same organization a season ago. Yeah, only a few players still believe in that code of conduct and even fewer act like it.

And Pete Kozma, get off your knee — it's just Theriot, not the Prince of Wales.

* * *

Yadier Molina finds a moment of happiness before Game 7.

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