NL Tarp Tale: Our National baseball team is 3-0

'Duk note: Everyone please give a big welcome to the Stew's newest writer, Mr. David Brown. As a citizen of an undisclosed Midwestern location (OK, he hails from Chicago, too) Mr. Brown will bring you the best of the previous day's action every morning, right here in Tarp Tale.

Today he begins with a HD-look at the National League's hottest (and only) three-win team ...

Nationals 1, Phillies 0

Bat man: Ryan Zimmerman's solo shot again provided the winning margin for the Nats, who gave Washington a 3-0 baseball team for the first time since president Harry Truman and general Douglas MacArthur playfully disagreed on how to run the Korean War back in '51.

Buyin': Phillies lefty Cole Hamels —the bum — pitched just strong enough to lose (8 IP, 5H, 1 ER, 6K, 2BB). Michelangelo (not the ninja turtle) probably smudged the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel along the way, too, but you didn't hear the pope complaining.

Sellin': Nats' righty Tim Redding (Redding — isn't that the Phillies' Double-A team?) might not throw too many more one-hitters but, at age 30, still has a chance to be better than Scott Scudder or Jeff Juden — not to aim too high.

Think on it: What's more distracting in the ninth inning — facing a 6-11 righty in Jon Rauch, or a paunchy, flat-rimmed-cap-wearing-so-you-can't-see-his-eyes Chad Cordero?


Feelin' the rundown (A look at yesterday's scores)

Mets 13, Marlins 0 — Vote for Pedro: Which body part will go next?

Braves 10, Pirates 2 — Five Braves relievers earn holds — odd.

Brewers 8, Cubs 2 — Fans booing at Wrigley, is it Thursday already?

Reds 6, Diamondbacks 5Edwin Encarnacion sure was busy: 2 Errors, 2 Ks, game-winning HR.

Cardinals 8, Rockies 3 — Rico Washington hits RBI double after 4,000 at-bats in minors.

Giants 2, Dodgers 1 — Good vibrations from SF closer Brian Wilson.

Astros 9, Padres 6Trevor Hoffman still has 525 more saves than you (unless you are Rollie Fingers).


NL Fantasy Freak

Lance Berkman (Astros): 3-for-5, 3 runs, 3-run homer, 2 doubles and a steal

NL Fantasy Flakes

Brandon Lyon (Diamondbacks): 3-run homer, blown save, loss

Trevor Hoffman (Padres) 3-run homer, blown save, loss

Alfonso Soriano (Cubs): 0-for-9 to start season, moved to leadoff after game

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