Nightmare fuel: David Wells as Jayson Werth

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Hey East Coasters, want to ensure you don't fall asleep before Thursday night's great Game 5 between the Detroit Tigers and Oakland A's? Just put this picture of TBS analyst David Wells honoring Jayson "Walkoff" Werth on bookmark and click it whenever you're feeling drowsy.

Here's Wells explaining why he was donning the wig just minutes after Werth forced a NLDS Game 5  for the Washington Nationals on Friday by launching a ninth-inning home run off the St. Louis Cardinals for a 2-1 victory on Thursday night:

"In honor of my boy, Jayson. He just won the ball game for the Nats, man. So I gotta dress like him, I feel the mojo, I'm all excited now.

"Plus I'm tired of putting makeup on my (bald) noggin. Holy mackerel!"

Like the headline said, nightmare fuel. Now go make sure all your door and windows are locked. We've got a long night ahead of us.

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