Nick Swisher’s ‘BRO-HIO’! Indians rename section of Progressive Field for kitschy phrase

David Brown
Big League Stew

Though he grew up in West Virginia next door, Nick Swisher has many ties to Ohio and has tried to make his time with the Cleveland Indians something of a homecoming. The results have been mixed so far, but the Indians are in first place and Swisher is in a good position to put up his usual stats by season's end, if he just stays healthy. He's also tried to endear himself to Cleveland fans by wearing T-shirts animated with Aviator sunglasses that say things like "BRO-H-I-O," which plays off his fraternity party handshake/slap-hug personality. As in, "Hey, bro, I'm Nick Swisher, chairman of the rush committee, darned glad to meet ya'!"

Because nobody is more "bro" than Nick Swisher — as Travis Miller of the MLB Fan Cave noted in June — the Indians rightly are going to exploit his quirks:

No way, bro! Way! And there's more, bro:

The first 100 purchases, anyway. (Not available on certain nights, bro.) So get 'em while you can, bros.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this post implied that Swisher wasn't born in Ohio; He was — in Columbus. But he grew up out of state.

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