Nick Swisher becomes a dad — and he’s probably really, really, really excited

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Can you imagine Nick Swisher in a hospital room shouting encouragement to his wife while she birthed the pair's first child? He've seen how he is on the field, and how is he in interviews, but Delivery Room Nick Swisher had to be on another level of ridiculous energy.

Swisher's wife — actress JoAnna Garcia — gave birth Tuesday to a babygirl. We can't confirm, but we have a pretty good hunch that Swisher had Red Bull shooting out of his ears and was shouting "BROOOOOO!" every 10 seconds, telling the doctor, "Man, this is such an amazing experience, bro."

The Cleveland Indians are playing for the second straight day without Swisher, who is on paternity leave so he can rock out with Baby Swish (as he should). In honor of Swisher entering the fatherhood club, we put together this slideshow of Happy Nick Swisher. He is, after all, the one of the most animated players in baseball. So while we couldn't watch him bro-ing out in the delivery room, we can flip through this and feel like we were there in spirit.

Congrats, Nick Swisher. We have a feeling that even you're sleeping in one-hour spurts, you're still going to be doing stuff like this. Don't ever change.

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