Nick Punto and wife hit AT&T Park to cheer on the Cardinals in the NLCS

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SAN FRANCISCO — It's a funny thing about being married to a Major League Baseball player. If you ever wanted to go on a date with your husband, and let's say you wanted to go to a game with him, well ... he's usually working. Besides, sitting in the stands for a game probably isn't the first "fun" thing that comes to mind after you've spent the past eight months in baseball stadiums.

However, in part because her husband has many former teammates playing in the NLCS, Natalie and Nick Punto acquired tickets and attended Game 6 at AT&T Park on Sunday night. Natalie Punto says it's their first baseball game together — in which he wasn't playing — in 13 years. Punto was a member of the St. Louis Cardinals' World Series team in 2011, producing one of his best offensive seasons (in limited at-bats) as a utility man. He finished this past season with the Dodgers, so rooting against the Giants probably comes naturally to him.

In fact, Punto tweeted a photo from his flight to the Bay Area, and if you notice the ring, it leaves no doubt for whom he is rooting (and roosting):

Hey, be sure to read that seat-back card for instructions in case of a water landing.

Punto's nickname is "Shredder," in case you forgot or never realized. After cutting his teeth with the Phillies, Punto transitioned west where he became the ultimate Minnesota Twin. He was an Original Gangsta Piranha for Ron Gardenhire's bunch, terrorizing the White Sox and Tigers with his gritty play, his scrappy defense and his gritty and scrappy presence overall. He also married well, has three lovely children and isn't too jaded after all these years to enjoy a night with the wife at a ballgame. Good for the Puntos.

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