NFL’s Tom Brady and Bill Belichick marvel at size of Red Sox players: ‘They’re so little!’

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Most people realize that professional football players tend to be much bigger than professional baseball players. And yet, it's still funny when NFL people types poke fun at how "little" their friends from Major League Baseball are. When the Boston Red Sox recently visited Gillette Stadium for a New England Patriots game, coach Bill Belichick, assistant Josh McDaniels and quarterback Tom Brady could not get over how small, relatively speaking, their guests were. Thankfully, they all were miked up so we could hear their jocularity.

[Editor's note: Sorry that the word "midget" appears in the video's title. It's not the proper nomenclature.]

Dustin Pedroia (listed at 5-foot-8 and 165 pounds) and Shane Victorino (5-9, 190) got the worst of it:

Josh McDaniels: "They're tiny."

Bill Belichick: "Oh, I know... they're little."

JM: "It's unbelievable."

BB: "Pedroia is, like, 150 pounds."

JM: "Victorino is, like, 20 pounds less than [Danny] Amendola."

Later on:

Tom Brady: "They must be going, 'Geez, these guys are huge!' "

BB: "They're so little."

How do they do such marvelous things on a baseball field with such little feet?!

It should be noted that, while Tom Brady is 6-foot-4, the coaches aren't taller than 5-11. Still, they probably feel taller because they're football coaches. That gives you at least six inches in your step.

The NFL reportedly has about 400 men who play at 300 pounds or larger. There have only been a handful of Major League Baseball players about that size. Jonathan Broxton is the only current player actually listed at 300, though some suspect CC Sabathia and perhaps a couple of others of tripping three bills. Conversely, there haven't been too many Warrick Dunn-sized football players who lasted more than a season. That's the great thing (one of the great things) about baseball: You don't have to be freakishly sized to play it.

Probably the other interesting part of the video is that Belichick said anything worth quoting. He tends to come off as a tight-lipped curmudgeon. Leave it to baseball players to bring it out of him.

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