Next on ABC: Dancing With The Shortstops!

Over the weekend, Joe Morgan mentioned on Sunday Night Baseball that he had never met a shortstop who couldn't dance. As easy as it is to believe he said that, let that sink in for a minute: Joe Morgan believes that you must be able to dance to play the position.

Anyway, in honor of Morgan's expert observations and the 'Dancing With the Stars' finale last night (MJD's bro has the review), we put together a list of shortstops we think might do well on the popular reality TV-show and the songs they might dance to.

(If you have a hard time picturing some of the selection, remember that if Jason Taylor can dance to the theme from Monday Night Football, anybody can dance to anything.)

The Favorite

Jose Reyes, Mets

The slick-fielding Reyes really does look like he is dancing on defense, as Morgan pointed out during the Mets-Yankees game on Sunday. Also, if you can teach Karl Ravech how to dance in a nationally televised commercial, you must have a lot of confidence in your ability.

Song — Meet the Mets

* * *

The Contenders

Hanley Ramirez, Marlins

Living in Miami, Ramirez can get plenty of tips from DWTS alum, Jason Taylor. Having just signed a $70 million dollar extension, Ramirez surely won't have a problem finding a good-looking woman to dance with on South Beach, either.

Song —Mo Money Mo Problems, Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy

Rafael Furcal, Dodgers

Furcal would be like that one guy on DWTS who has the talent, but keeps getting hurt. His time on the DL is going to hurt his chances, though. Ever try to do anything while experiencing lower back pain?

Song — I Love L.A., Randy Newman

Yunel Escobar, Braves

The Cuban-born Escobar is making a name for himself this season in Atlanta and now he gets to show the rest of the country how the people dance in Havana.

Song — Bring on the salsa

* * *

The Veterans

Derek Jeter, Yankees

Jeter has already perfected the "Bug Dance" in Cleveland last year, so the Fox Trot would probably be a piece of cake for him. By the way, is there any doubt that Jeter would be dating Julianne Hough by the time this show ended?

Song — Calendar Girl, Neil Sedaka

Miguel Tejada, Astros

Tejada already does some sort of pre-game stretching dance, so translating that to the dance floor shouldn't be that difficult.

Song — Age Ain't Nothing But a Number, Aaliyah

* * *

The Underdog

Ryan Theriot, Cubs

I have a feeling that "The Riot," would be a fan-favorite. The odds would be stacked against him, a kid from the Bayou going against Reyes and Co., but the fans, especially in Chicago, would continue to vote him in.

Song — (Come) On Feel the Noize, Quiet Riot (Theriot could actually pass for the kid in the Quiet Riot video. Don't you think?)

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