News and Notes: Yes, Major League really came out 20 years ago

A few items to peruse while combing through your record collection for the The Troggs ...

• We should all be so embarrassed. Nine posts on the Stew on Tuesday and nary a mention from either a Steward or a commenter that Major League was celebrating the 20th anniversary of its release date. However, our man Mike Oz did not forget and he paid the film proper tribute by sacrificing a live chicken and then writing a word or two on his blog.

(And just so no one is again caught unaware, Field of Dreams' 20th anniversary is coming up on April 21. So break out the flannel, wash out tha old VW bus and get your girls to start practicing their James Earl Jones impressions.) [Fresno Beehive]

• If you haven't seen the video of Johan Santana's personalized handshakes for each of his teammates, make sure you do so right now. [Home Run Derby]

• Speaking of the Mets, Fred Wilpon's loss is your gain! Bernie Madoff's season tickets will be going up on eBay soon and they'll be starting at just over $30,000, which is about half of face value. [NY Daily News]

• Hitting his 500th homer will undoubtedly be a big moment for Gary Sheffield, but how pumped up can his Mets teammates and fans really get? [NY Daily News]

* * *

Day Baseball! Nationals at Marlins, 12:10 ET

New Nats' addition Daniel Cabrera tries to avoid the sweep and the wrath of Bonifacio while Chris Volstad takes the mound to assure fantasy players they got a late steal in their drafts. Rumor has it that if you're in the Miami area, you can head over to Dolphin Stadium and get a box seat for only $7.90.

• Meanwhile, one Nats fan is already washing his hands of Scott Olsen:

"I know, it's just one game. No it's not. You cannot pitch in the major leagues as a fastball-slider guy who throws an 87 mph fastball and a 77 mph slider. He was decently effective in 2006, but he threw 92 then. He's lost it. His K-rate has fallen from 8.3 per 9 in 2006 to 5.0 last year. He's done." [Fire Jim Bowden]

* * *

Day Baseball! Braves at Phillies, 3:05

The Bravos go for an unexpected sweep of the Phillies this afternoon when Javier Vazquez tries to follow the strong starting footsteps of Derek Lowe and Jair Jurrjens. Meanwhile, the Phillies will have to fight off the distractions of a ring ceremony, their trip to meet Barack Obama next week and possibly being run completely out of town if they lose three straight home games to start the season.

* * *

• Here's a good take on why Orioles fans booed Mark Teixeira. [The Loss Column]

• Stewie Michael L. points out that if the Yankees had truly wanted to match the Orioles' $150,000,000 offer to Teixeira, their contract would have been worth $269 million to adjust for cost of living. [BestPlaces]

• A man got into a fight at the Angels' home opener, was left for dead in a stairwell and is now in critical condition. To paraphrase one of our most consistent commenters, why can't we all just watch some baseball? [Halos Heaven]

* * *

Day Baseball! Rockies and Diamondbacks, 3:40

Ah, the proverbial first rubber match for anyone, anywhere this season. After scoring nine runs on Opening Day, the D'backs were blanked 3-0 by the Rox on Tuesday night. Youngster Franklin Morales goes for Colorado, while Doug Davis starts for Arizona.

* * *

• Our own Maggie Hendricks climbs out of the octagon and over to the diamond to share her predictions for the Cubs this season. [NBC Chicago]

• Finally, they just announced the sales of two new wines here in Chicago and I can just imagine the the conflicts that are going to arise at crosstown dinner parties.

Wife: They're Sox fans. If they want to drink Buehrlot, we're drinking Buehrlot.

Husband: No, I'm a Cubs fan. If anyone orders Buehrlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any (bleepin') Buehrlot! [CharityWines]

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