News & Notes: Toronto closer B.J. Ryan placed on DL (control)

A few quick links to peruse while heading over to vote Sam LeCure for Reds bobblehead again...

• Faced with a reliever's resume that included three blown saves, an 11.12 ERA and more walks (5) than Ks (4), the Blue Jays were in a bit of a bind when it came to deciding what to do with high-priced closer B.J. Ryan. The conundrum was temporarily solved on Thursday, though, when the Jays had to stick Ryan on the disabled list with a sore shoulder. [Toronto Star]

• Toronto also placed pitcher Ricky Romero on the DL with a strained muscle in his side and then announced the news via a poorly-worded press release headline: "Blue Jays Disable Romero." No blame was assigned, though, and no further explanation was given. [Blue Jays via DJF]

• Despite Ryan and Romero's injury troubles — not to mention having five of the organization's top seven starters in the MASH unit — the Jays are still 12-5, have won five series to start the season and hold a two game lead on New York and Boston. They start a three-game series in Chicago tonight and I'll be in attendance for the opener. [Bluebird Banter]

•As you might have heard, the Yankees and Red Sox are meeting tonight for the first time this season and we've already got our first headlines of the year because David Ortiz says he and others still don't take too kindly to Joba Chamberlain's ways. His Jobaness will start tonight's game at Fenway Park against Jon Lester.

"He's a guy that, as good as he is, the next step for him will be to earn respect from everyone in the league so people don't get the wrong idea about him because he's not a bad guy," Big Papi said. "When things like that happen (throwing at Youkilis), people get the wrong idea." [Boston Herald]

• One Red Sox fan thinks the silent treatment, not booing, is the way to welcome Mark Teixeira to Fenway Park tonight. [Extra Bases]

• Supposed bathrillionaire Lenny Dykstra once had to put a $23,000 charter flight on his mother's credit card because his own were maxed out. Nope, things aren't going too well for ol' Nails, who is getting sued by people all over the country and whose wife filed for divorce earlier this month. [Deadspin]

• One day after they gave Kason Gabbard's jersey to Darren O'Day, the Rangers gave the actual Kason Gabbard back to the Red Sox. [Sox & Dawgs]

Photo of the Day: Is there anything in New York that Nick Swisher can't do? Everyone's favorite Yankee rang the bell at the NYSE on Thursday and the market went up 71 points. [Pinstripe Alley]

• The White Sox didn't get the memo about Adam Eaton not being a good pitcher. On Thursday night, neither did Adam Eaton. [South Side Sox]

• I had no idea that you can order M&Ms that come in your favorite MLB team's color and with the logo stamped on it. Technology at its most delicious. [FishStripes]

• The nine best ballpark promotions of all time. [Love of Sports]

• Finally, 3:10 to Joba takes a look at why MLB's Beyond Baseball commercials are so good, including this one of Phillies star Ryan Howard. [3:10 to Joba]

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