News & Notes: Tim Wakefield's old bones finally All-Star worthy?

A few items to peruse while the colors inside your head go spinning around, like a Ferris wheel ...

• I'm nowhere near sold on the idea, but Jack Curry of the New York Times introduces the thought that Boston's Tim Wakefield(notes) might finally reach the All-Star Game at age 42 this season.

After improving to 8-3 with a win over New York on Wednesday, Wakefield has the second-most wins in the AL. The big problem is that Wakefield has a 4.50 ERA, which ranks behind 29 other AL starters.

Still, that won't prevent Wakefield from being intrigued by the thought of an overinflated statistic sending him to his first Midsummer Classic:

"It's one thing that you want in a career is to make an All-Star team. We've won two World Series. Just add it to the list of things that you say you've accomplished in your career. Obviously, it would be nice to make a team."

Wakefield will turn 43 in August, but he won't set any kind of records should he get the nod. The oldest pitcher to participate in the All-Star Game was Satchel Paige, who was said to be 47 in 1953. (The oldest non-pitcher was Pete Rose, who was 44 in 1985). [NYT Bats Blog]

• "Let's be real here, though: The real reason the Red Sox won last night is because the Yankees starting Chien-Ming Wang(notes) worked out just about as poorly as everyone at Fenway Park figured it would." [Red Sox Monster]

• Rick Sutcliffe didn't have much to say about A-Rod and Tex. [NYDN]

Day Baseball! Rockies at Brewers, 2:05 ET It's one thing to have a seven-game winning streak, it's another to have a seven-game winning streak on the road. But free from the shackles of Coors Field, the Rockies pitching staff has a 2.29 ERA. Do-gooder Aaron Cook(notes) will look to extend the streak to eight this afternoon against Yovani Gallardo(notes).

• A few experts are also saying the Rockies "won" the draft. [Bugs & Cranks]

• The OC Weekly has published a toxicology report that says the driver of Nick Adenhart's(notes) car had a blood-alcohol content level twice the legal limit. [6-4-2]

• The Blue Jays are getting to the point where they should just offer Dr. James Andrews (below) a spot as the team's official physician. [Sports and the City]

Day Baseball! Tigers at White Sox, 2:05 Will the White Sox be buyers or sellers over the next two months? I think this Detroit series provides the answer. [MLB Trade Rumors]

• Here's a great post on some of the lesser records that Hall of Famers would prefer you not recognize (ie: Cal Ripken owning the MLB record for GIDP). [Rumors and Rants]

• You call it criminal, I call it resourceful: A Little League coach enlisted his players to help him steal some things from an empty shop [Steadyburn]

Day Baseball! Pirates at Braves 1:10, Cardinals at Marlins 12:10, Cubs at Astros 2:05, Twins at A's 3:35, Giants at D'Backs 3:40

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