News & Notes: A-Rod's back (and he's brought his controversies)

A few items to peruse while coming to the realization that times are gone for honest men ...

• Fantastic. Just when you thought we were having a nice little season, along comes a report that Selena Roberts' forthcoming book on Alex Rodriguez contains claims that the controversial one took steroids when he was in high school. Oh, and he piddled around with Kevin Brown and PEDs when both were on the Yankees. Oh, and all the other Yankees took a liking to calling him a not-so-nice name that was once affixed to Bob in "Fight Club." Nope, nothing in there that might cause the New York media to go into super-drive between now and the time A-Rod returns to the team. (He'll play in an intrasquad minor league game in Tampa today and could be back as soon as May 8. Can't wait. No, really, I can't.) [NYDN]

• On a related note, they say that any publicity is good publicity, but I can't see how that's true for the contents of Roberts' new book. I mean, the New York Daily News just gave up the juiciest parts. Why would anyone need to buy and read it now? I probably wouldn't have bought it before hearing this news, but now that I know what's inside? Absolutely not. Am I alone in my thinking here?

• Everything you ever wanted to know (and everything you didn't) about the courtship of a 30-year-old woman by a 59-year-old Red Sox owner. [Boston Mag via Red Sox Monster]

• So what's the story with this Jonathan Van Every character who won the game for the Red Sox on Wednesday night? Texy describes him as "Chris Costian." [Center Field]

• The Baltimore Sun is officially dead to Big League Stew. [The Loss Column]

DAY BASEBALL! Blue Jays at Royals, 2:10 ET Toronto has yet to lose a series this season, but a Royals victory would send the Jays packing with three losses in four games. Kansas City's Kyle Davies (1-1, 4.88) hopes to regain the confidence of every fishing-for-a-surprise fantasy owner who cut him in the middle of being blown out by Detroit.

• Can Yovani Gallardo (above) made Brewers fans say "CC who?" While it'd be nicer to have both of those guys in your rotation, Gallardo's early-season returns — only two earned runs in his last 23 innings — show that he's moving that direction. Funny stat: He has the same amount of total bases (10) as catcher Jason Kendall. [Chuckie Hacks]

Day Baseball! Athletics at Rangers, 2:05 Is today the day that Matt Holliday finally hits his first home run while wearing an A's uniform? Scott Boras sure hopes so.

• The Rays just lost six of nine games on their road trip and return to St. Pete to begin a series with Boston tonight. Says Joe Maddon: ""We're not really pleased with what's going on. There is no question about that. We should have been able to win more than one series to this point. But it's early. It truly is early. And I'm very optimistic we can turn this thing around." [The Heater]

• Is the series with the Red Sox a must-win for the Rays? [St. Pete Times]

• Are things returning to normal in the AL West? The Angels have won three games in a row. Meanwhile, the Mariners are 1-3 over their last four. [In Play, No Outs]

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