News & Notes: A-Rod and Tex are none too happy with Sutcliffe

A few items to peruse while I've been biting my tongue all week ...

• Three was a crowd in the Yankees clubhouse on Tuesday night as Mark Teixeira(notes) and Alex Rodriguez(notes) cornered ESPN's Rick Sutcliffe and confronted him on Redbeard's allegations that A-Rod is tipping the catcher's setup location to Tex from the on-deck circle. Sutcliffe will be in the booth for tonight's game so let's listen closely for any under-the-breath mutterings when either of the Yanks come to the plate. [New York Daily News]

• With Boston now 6-0 over New York this season, John Harper resorts to floating a theory sure to be smirked at by Ken Tremendous in 140 characters or less: The Yankees' problems with the Red Sox "may be mental." [NYDN]

• Gordon Edes seeks answers for what we've all been wondering: Has Josh Hamilton's(notes) past made him more injury-prone this season? [Yahoo! Sports]

• Phillies slugger Raul Ibanez(notes) is angry at a blogger who lazily threw steroid allegations at him. He also promises to pay "every dime" of his salary back if he's ever strung up on PED use. [The Fightins']

• The wrecking ball used to demolish Shea Stadium is up for auction. Starting bid: $35,000 or a six burgers from the Citi Field Shake Shack. [Home Run Derby]

• After watching a few clips from Brian Wilson's(notes) reality show, I can safely say that we all know a guy like Brian Wilson — and we all avoid him whenever we can. [Walkoff Walk]

• What did A.J. Pierzynski(notes) say to Dontrelle Willis(notes) to get both benches to clear on Tuesday night? According to the overgrown Dennis The Menace himself, all he said to the D-Train was 'hey.' (Yeah, I don't think I believe him either.) [Inside The White Sox]

• Today's the 35th anniversary of Mike Schmidt's single that would have been a 500-foot home run if not for an Astrodome speaker. [The 700 Level]

• Ned Colletti owes Orlando Hudson(notes) an extra fruitcake this holiday season. [FanGraphs]

• "Welcome to the Dodgers, kid. If you didn't know, I'm Tommy Lasorda." [Lasorda's World]

• Why my alma mater will continue to be a varsity baseball-free campus. [Chuckie Hacks]

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