News and Notes: Has Rick Porcello arrived to save the Tigers?

A few items to peruse while wondering if 'Duk can ever step foot in Philadelphia to eat at Tony Luke's ever again ...

Day Baseball! Tigers vs. Blue Jays

Starting at 12:37 Detroit-Windsor time, we'll find out if 20-year-old righty Rick Porcello is everything he's being made out to be. The Tigers' newest rotation stud? Reformer of the auto industry? The greatest shining beacon of hope in Motown since Tom Izzo's crafty Spartans? It's a lot of pressure for Porcello to handle. Is he up for the challenge? [Detroit Free Press]

• At $115 million, the Tigers payroll is the fifth-highest in baseball. Start your comparisons to the 2008 Seattle Mariners ... now. [DFP]

* * *

Day Baseball! Yankees vs. Orioles, 1:35

Baltimore is poised for a season opening sweep over America's Team, which has O's fan @ChrisMottram tweeting "I almost want the Yankees to win a game just so ESPN will shut the ---- up." Replies his bro (and my boss): "I'm fine with them waiting ' til tomorrow."

* * *

Day Baseball! Rays vs. Red Sox 1:35

Yeah, I used the old "Devil Rays" logo there, because if it's good enough for NESN, it's good enough for The Stew. The rubber match of this first brouhaha should be a good one — Garza vs. Matsuzaka.

• A report out of the Boston Herald has the Bruins hosting the NHL's Winter Classic at Fenway on New Year's Day. Fill that flask and count me in. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

• Speaking of non-baseball events in Boston, Phish is playing Fenway on May 31. This video of the park's organist playing "Tweezer" is absolutely phantastic.

* * *

Day Baseball! Mets vs. Reds, 12:35

• If one New York fanbase is getting frantic over an 0-2 start, does that mean it's OK for the other side to go ga-ga over 2-0? Oliver Perez gets the start in this one, while Bronson Arroyo brings his rockstar in an attempt to push the Reds into that 'W' column.

• The Reds are allowing fans to decide which player will join Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto in bobblehead immortality. Edinson Volquez's piece says you'll vote for Edinson Volquez if you know what's good for ya! [OMGReds]

• Check out all the other day games here. The Cubs aren't playing today, which is weird, because I think Ted Lilly just gave up another home run. [Hardball]

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