News & Notes: The paths of Volquez and Hamilton cross again

A few items to peruse while burning my ears with your traveling tales ...

• The big league careers of Reds pitcher Edinson Volquez(notes) and Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton(notes) first intersected when they were traded for each other before the 2008 season. They met up again last July, when both players were named to the All-Star Game in NYC.

Then, on Tuesday, both '08 players found themselves on the same transaction sheet with both heading to the disabled list in the middle of disappointing '09 seasons — Volquez with elbow tendinitis and Hamilton with an abdominal injury that will keep him out for an undetermined amount of time. (So much for the third time being a charm.)

Considering that both players were breakout stars in '08, the coincidence of both having disappointing and injury-plagued '09 followups is just plain eerie. Can someone just commission a reality show for this duo already? [Diamond Hoggers]

Other news from around the 'sphere ...

• Bill Simmons, the high priest of Red Sox Nation, does a respectful job of administering last rites for the cherished career of David "Big Papi" Ortiz. [ESPN]

• Did Brady Anderson really leave two comments on a blog post written about him? [Bugs & Cranks]

• We're a month away from the end of All-Star balloting, but Dave Cameron takes it upon himself to name the All-Star teams through the season's first two months. [FanGraphs]

• Why the Padres should keep the Petco Park fences where they are. [Gaslamp Ball]

• Michael Vick, Braves outfielder? [Bugs & Cranks]

Jorge Posada(notes), Hall of Famer? [Jonah Keri] • It may not even be a pile of rubble any more, but Shea Stadium will live on as a location in The Beatles Rock Band game that comes out this fall and looks to be the greatest thing to ever be invented, anywhere (or at least until Led Zeppelin Guitar Hero comes out). [YouTube]

• OK, this Beatles Rock Band preview has NOTHING to do with baseball, but you should watch it anyway so you'll know why there are no posts on BLS come 09.09.09. [YouTube]

• The Jordan Schafer(notes) bandwagon has been running idle for some time now, but perhaps it's time to find extended storage for that sucker. The Braves' outfielder was demoted to the minors on Tuesday and told not to come back until he stops striking out. []

• "So hear me loud and clear, Stan: If (Stephen) Strasburg is not drafted and signed, I will no longer root for the Nationals." [Fire Jim Bowden]

• After that cat stormed Wrigley Field earlier this season, I figured we had reached our limit of critters on the basepath stories for the year. But then a squirrel interrupted Tuesday night's Red Sox-Tigers game, Terry Francona said he'd like to see a separated at birth comparison with Dustin Pedroia(notes), I found this picture of a squirrel wearing a zoot suit and well ... here we are. [Center Field]

• Finally, here's Cubs fan Joe Aiello on Tuesday night's loss to Atlanta:

"I'll get right to the point. I'm tired of losing and I'm tired of the 'it's still early' talk. I watched last night and actually thought I would see a no hitter. When the no no was over, I made my way to the other room to work on some stuff. I came back into the living room only to see that the lead was gone and we're in extras. Absolutely ridiculous. I can't take it anymore."

Yes, it was that kind of night and that kind of loss. [View From The Bleachers]

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