News and Notes: Mets fail to master their new, strange domain

A few items to peruse while wondering when people will stop allowing The Goat to get their goat ...

• Our own Gordon Edes provides a solid recap of the strange happenings on Citi Field's first night. What I find most amazing is that Jody Gerut's history-etching leadoff homer was the first such feat in any MLB ballpark's debut. Seems like someone, somewhere, would have done that before. [Yahoo! Sports]

• Wayne Westerfield, a guy from Jersey, caught Gerut's homer, sending home everyone who bet the field over ballhawk Zack Hample as a winner. [NYDN]

• Jon Lewin has compiled a list of Citi Kitty Field firsts including hit by a Met (David Wright), first Big Apple homer by a Met (Wright again) and first pitcher to fall over the mound (Mike Pelfrey). He didn't list the ceremonial first comedian, so I'll add Jerry Seinfeld to the list. (Has anyone asked Jerry to step in and replace Citi as the park's main sponsor? I'm sure his ego would love to see the place named Seinfield. That's gold, Jerry!) [Subway Squawkers]

Day Baseball! White Sox at Tigers, 1:05 ET Only one game on the slate today, so you won't have trouble keeping focus. Tigers rookie Rick Porcello gets his second start of the season, facing off John Danks.

• San Diego closer Heath Bell is mad as hell about ESPN's East Coast bias and he isn't going to take it any more. [Rumors and Rants]

• Quick. Go watch Harry Kalas' last home run call before MLBAM breaks up our mourning and demands it be taken down from YouTube.[The 700 Level]

• A week after an Angels fan died in a fight on Opening Day, a Dodgers fan was stabbed in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. Go kill each other somewhere else, guys. [NBC LA]

• Everyone's slamming Josh Beckett for his headhunting ways over the weekend, but we'll give him props here for starting the Josh Beckett Cancer Treatment Room at Children's Hospital Room. ("I hope it never gets used," he says of his donation.) [Surviving Grady]

• I still haven't decided if I like Baltimore's new road jersey, but here's how I'm leaning: Love the concept, but not the execution. 'Baltimore' looks a little too diagonal. [Wayward Oriole]

• A Cleveland sports fan says he's not as excited about a possible reunion as Manny Ramirez seems to be. [Waiting For Next Year]

• To borrow a concept from our puck buddy Puck Daddy, pass or fail: This Brewers jersey with "Favre 4" printed on the back? [Miller Park Drunk]

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