News and Notes: Manny's Year Two begins with dangerous act

A few quick items to peruse while shaking your head at Manny's ceremonial first hip bump of the season ...

• T.J. Simers takes the Opening Day opportunity to defend Manny Ramirez after all the offseason whispers he'll destroy the Dodgers' clubhouse this season. Anyone care to agree or disagree? [LA Times]

• Does a Big League Stew curse exist? On one hand, new Steward Curtis Granderson homered against the Blue Jays in his season opener. On the other, his team lost 12-6. Let's turn to Curtis' new Twitter feed to see what he thinks, shall we? []

• All hail The Kid! Ken Griffey homered on Monday for the eighth Opening Day dinger of his career. That ties him with Frank Robinson for most ever. []

• Strange, but true: Tonight's Tigers-Blue Jays game was already scheduled to be dry, even before Monday night's trash-throwing hi-jinks occurred. Yes, you read that right. There'll be a baseball game played without beer tonight. I'm burning my powder blues in solidarity with Drunk Jays Fans. [CityNews via Miller Park Drunk]

Day Baseball!: Royals vs. White Sox, 2:05 ET Gil Meche and Mark Buehrle finally get it on after a rainout that shouldn't have been on Monday. Who'd like to bet they'd have played in a monsoon had President Obama been on hand for that first pitch?

• First he misses a team meeting and then he makes a crucial misplay on Emilio Bonifacio's inside-the-park home run. Perhaps Lastings Milledge would like a do-over to the start of the season? [Nationals Enquirer]

Day Baseball!: Rays vs. Red Sox, 4:05 Can someone explain the late afternoon Opening Day starting time to me? Obviously, it's great for pregaming and/or getting in most of a full day's work if you're actually attending the game. But if you're not, you're most likely starting the game in your cubicle and then possibly missing crucial late innings action once you start packing up and head to your car. Wish this one was earlier.

Day Basebal!: Brewers vs. Giants, 4:05 Jeff Suppan vs. Tim Lincecum. Who ya got?

• Since he's predicting 94 wins for his Crew this season, I'm assuming our old pal Woz is picking ol' man Suppan. For shame, Woz. [Chuckie Hacks]

• If the Royals make a surge this year, Landon Evanson already has a t-shirt slogan worked up: "Revive '85." Not bad, but I'm wondering if a Stewie can come up with something better for the kids of Kauffman. [Bugs & Cranks]

• If you're going to invest in a Cole Hamels jersey, it's probably best to learn the spelling of his last name. [The Fightins']

• Our friend Alana G. crosses paths with Jose Canseco at the Playboy Mansion. She asks about A-Rod and he starts complaining about all the married women in the Grotto. Several minutes of SFW hilarity ensues. Highly recommended. [Yardbarker]

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