News & Notes: A new era in the Bronx begins today

Morning, Stewies. Here's a few quick items to peruse while wondering when the new Yankee Stadium stops being called the "new Yankee Stadium" ...

Day Baseball! Indians at Yankees, 1:05 ET Whichever schedule maker ensured that CC Sabathia got the first start in Yankee Stadium after signing that fat contract should get some sort of bonus. Maybe not a $160 million bonus, but a bonus all the same. Across the way, CC's former Tribe teammate Cliff Lee will seek the cure for what ails him.

• The Boss' health will allow him to attend the opening of The House The Boss Built. Meanwhile, Yogi Berra (yawn) will get first pitch honors. [Newsday]

• The Bleacher Creatures are already complaining about things in their new home. [NYDN]

* * *

Other news from around the league ...

• This is too cool: The Detroit Free-Press ran a photo of Mark "The Bird" Fidrych, circa 1980, on its sports cover and didn't even notice that a young Jim Leyland was cheering from the stands in the background. [Free Press via BYB]

• Vin Scully tells a story about ice skating with Jackie Robinson. [Sons of Steve Garvey]

STEW NEWS: A busy week and a job change for one of us has prevented a Stewcast from being recorded this week. But cry not! The fine fellas over at Joe Sports Fan invited me to participate in the Wiffle Ball segment of their podcast. If you've ever wondered which TV sidekick I'd like to befriend, what post-Little League snack I enjoyed most and which "voice" I'd like to narrate my daily activities, this is the podcast for you. [Joe Sports Fan]

• Former Brewers broadcaster Merle Harmon has passed away at age 82. If you grew up in the Midwest and ever shopped for sports clothing at Merle Harmon's Fan Fair, this is likely to make you a little sad. As Goldy reminds us, the options for sports memorabilia in a pre-Internet world were few and far between and Fan Fair was like Valhalla. [Chuckie Hacks]

• Is everyone powered up on some new upper drug? I only ask, because it isn't every day that you find not one, but TWO headline references to The Hold Steady in your RSS reader. A big BLS head nod goes to Bluebird Banter and South Side Sox for the smile.

Day Baseball! Marlins at Braves, 12:10 What's even more impressive than Florida's 7-1 start? The fact the record has all come against NL East teams. Win this one and they'll open a three-game lead on the Bravos.

• Last night's episode of LOST had a baseball moment and it wasn't even related to the Red Sox or Yankees. Another mystery for the island: Which Dodgers fan worked his or her way onto the writing staff? [Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness]

• A look at Tim Lincecum's pitch data shows that his velocity isn't down by much. So is the tiny one just going through a bad start to the season? [Bay City Ball]

• Is Lastings Milledge the new Mark Fidrych? Uh, no. [NYT Bats Blog]

Day Baseball! Astros at Pirates, 12:35 Pittsburgh is a healthy 4-4, which makes me wonder if an 81-81 season would end their consecutive season losing streak. Technically, I guess that it would, though 82-80 would be preferable for the Bucco faithful.

• The box from last night's Padres-Mets game includes a Mets pitcher named "Unknown." Insert joke here, but know that Bobby Parnell has hurt feelings somewhere. [Rising Apple]

Day Baseball! Cardinals at Cubs, 2:20 It was good to see Alex P. make his way out to the Friendly Confines to see the Rockies on Wednesday. But now the real rivalry begins.

• The Cubs fanbase was all riled up on Wednesday over a Sun-Times article that painted Wrigley Field crowds as taunting racists. Goat Rider Kyle says that's far from the truth, but that anyone who fits the description needs to lose their fan privileges now. [Goat Riders]

• An exclusive pic of the dead goat from Wrigley Field has surfaced and I have to say, I feel quite sorry for that goat. DO NOT click if you can't handle pics of severed animal heads or if your work frowns upon viewing that sort of thing on company time. [The Heckler]

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