News we didn't want to hear: Tim Lincecum is battling a blister

Forget about Brett Favre's look-at-me act with his elbow up in Minnesota.

The real condition with a potential to break hearts and crush dreams this weekend rests on Tim Lincecum's(notes) right hand.

The San Francisco Giants ace told the San Jose Mercury News on Wednesday that a nagging blister resurfaced on his pitching hand when he was busy striking out 14 Braves batters during Game 1 of the NLDS last Thursday. The paper reported that Lincecum has received "extensive treatment" and Big Time Timmy Jim made the assurance that "it's not a big deal."

Said Giants manager Bruce Bochy: "It's under control."

To which we baseball fans reply: "We @!%#!$@ hope so."

Right now, the Lincecum-Roy Halladay(notes) matchup in Saturday's NLCS Game 1 is the bike you spied behind the water heater in the basement a few days before Christmas. Anticipation is building and the flames are being fanned by Baseball-Reference's Sean Forman putting the matchup into proper historical context in the New York Times on Wednesday. We know we're getting it, we just have to wait.

But this blister news is playing a nasty set of tricks. What if the Lincecum-Halladay bike isn't under the tree on Saturday night? What if we get to take it out for a test spin but the blister flares up in the second inning and it's suddenly taken away from us?

These are the bad thoughts that run through our minds when there are four off days between the end of the NLDS and the start of the next round. Let's hope these idle-mind thoughts are truly just the product of the devil's playground and nothing else.

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