New York Daily News says it won't print Indians' Chief Wahoo logo anymore

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The two sides of the Chief Wahoo debate. (AP)
The two sides of the Chief Wahoo debate. (AP)

On Wednesday, the New York Daily News became the latest media outlet to say it won't print the name Redskins when referring to Washington's NFL team. At this point, media protests against the Redskins have been well covered and include numerous organizations.

The Daily News went one step further on Thursday, however, and its next declaration isn't as common. The paper says it won't use the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo logo anymore.

Reporter Andy Martino conveyed the news on his Baseball Insider blog as such:

Today, we can also tell you that the paper will no longer use the Cleveland Indians’ logo, Chief Wahoo. Another obvious and positive development, and one that won’t prevent us from continuing to call on the team and others in media to do the same. In reporting on this issue in the recent past, it became clear to me that Native American groups consider Chief Wahoo offensive, which is enough for the rest of us to deem it inappropriate.

Nixing the Redskins name and not printing the Indians logo aren't exactly the same thing. The paper is still calling the Indians the Indians, so this isn't as far-reaching. While some people certainly don't like the Indians name, the Chief Wahoo mascot has drawn more ire from protestors. We're curious to see how far this goes. Will the Daily News, for instance, not use pictures from games in which the Indians are wearing Chief Wahoo on their hats?

The Indians themselves have reduced the chief's role, changing their primary logo to a block C. However, Chief Wahoo is still worn on hats and sleeves in certain uniforms and a number of outlets still use Wahoo, not the C, as the Indians' logo.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's editorial page has called for the Indians to "retire" Chief Wahoo, but otherwise we haven't seen the same media-led blackouts directed at the Indians that we've seen aimed at the Redskins.

For now, that is.

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