Nelson Cruz goes head over heels over Fenway bullpen fence chasing Mike Carp home run

David Brown
Big League Stew

Nelson Cruz might be a wanted man by the overzealous drug lords of Major League Baseball, but that doesn't mean he will stop making every effort for the Texas Rangers. During a blowout loss Tuesday night on which the Rangers found themselves the wrong end, Cruz pursued a fly ball by Boston Red Sox slugger Mike Carp that cleared the right-field bullpen fence at Fenway Park for a home run. And that's not all that cleared the fence:

It's a laughing matter — because, well, it just is — though Cruz appeared to ding his right arm, perhaps his elbow, in taking a tumble. He'll be OK. Another good part: The Red Sox personnel persuading Cruz to not climb the fence to reach the field and, instead, use the door like relief pitchers do:

Bryce Harper would have jumped in the air like Peter Pan over the fence, by the way. Boston won 17-5, but Cruz gets an "A" for effort. That's a tough right field in Boston.

Here's another cropping of one of the Cruz photos from the beginning of the post. It's fun to note some of the details:

• Franklin Morales of the Red Sox gets an unexpected view of Nelson Cruz.

• The One Lady did not get to her feet and likely missed the fun.

• The One Kid in a dark sweatshirt looks like he's using Harry Potter telekinesis to move Cruz to safety.

And here's the photo as Jim Rogash of Getty Images originally snapped it:

Great work, all around.

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