Nelson Cruz is also amazed by Joe DiMaggio’s famed discipline at the plate (Video)

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

When it comes to a working knowledge of baseball history, I've found that big league players often work from a deficit. It only makes sense, of course. While the rest of us were memorizing the backs of baseball cards and reading biographies of Hall of Famers, they were in the cage and on the field, putting in the huge amount of work it takes to be a success.

I love the occasions,then, when a major leaguer shows the same sort of giddiness and appreciation toward a past accomplishment that many of us have. Here's a very self-deprecating Nelson Cruz doing just that for MLB Network's microphones after learning about one of Joe DiMaggio's best factoids.

For the record, DiMaggio had 361 home runs and 369 strikeouts over his 13-year Hall of Fame career. Cruz, meanwhile, has accumulated 124 homers and 570 strikeouts in his eight seasons in the big leagues. <Insert Mel Allen sound clip>

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