Neil Walker loses bet with teammate, takes dip in Chase Field pool

Losing a bet is never a fun experience, especially when it's with someone you're close to, like a friend, a teammate or even a co-worker. Most of the time, it leaves the loser lighter in the wallet because they're forced to pay for an expensive dinner. Other times, it results in the loser doing something embarrassing in front of a lot of people. Both are scenarios we all prefer to avoid, but sometimes our bravado leads us right into it.

In a recent bet between Pittsburgh Pirates teammates Neil Walker and Jordy Mercer, it was a little bit of the latter scenario. Although it was unique in the fact that the embarrassing action required from the loser could also be considered refreshing. All he had to do was take a quick pre-game dip in the Chase Field pool.

It all started during Thursday night's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. On that night, Neil Walker homered into the right center field pool area and started bragging to teammates thinking it had actually landed in the pool. Jordy Mercer, who's Walker's double play partner in Pittsburgh's middle infield, disputed Walker's claim and a wager over where the ball actually landed was agreed upon.

It turned out Mercer was right. Walker's home run rattled around the pool area but never actually went in the pool. So prior to Friday night's game, Walker had to put on his swimming trunks and take a dip as the Pittsburgh television cameras rolled.


Obviously, Walker was a good sport about it. It's summer time in Phoenix after all, who wouldn't welcome a swim?

It seems the Diamondbacks didn't mind either. Or at least they weren't as outwardly angry as when the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated their division championship in the Chase Field pool. Then again, Walker would be advised not to try it again after the on-field bad blood started boiling over the weekend.

With all of that said, the moral of this story is that it's always fun to see teammates engaging in mischief and ribbing each other in unusual ways. And it's even better when we can enjoy it and laugh along with them.

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