Nats fan has the most amazing baseball beard you'll ever see (Photo)

This is Eric Brooks. This is Eric Brooks rendering all other baseball beards mundane.

Sorry, Brian Wilson. You're old news too, 2013 Boston Red Sox. Dare we say that even the Washington Nationals' Jayson Werth, who from the looks of things Brooks would clap for, isn't even on this level. Until someone else turns his beard into an MLB team logo, they're all in second place.

Brooks, a Nats fan and artist, posted this photo of his beard Monday on Instagram. He describes himself on social media as an "avid beardsman" and seems to subscribe to the art of freestyle bearding. Brooks wrote that he's attending Wednesday's game and this was a practice attempt at a beard to wear to the game. Looks like he nailed it.

Here are a few other beard styles that Brooks has posted on Instagram, none baseball related, but they help you understand the palette with which he was working.

One last thing: If the people running social media for the Nats want to win the Internet, they'll find a way to get Brooks and Werth together Wednesday for a photo.

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