Nation's news cycle overtaken by Scott Boras bee invasion story

Superagent Scott Boras always finds a way into baseball's biggest headlines, but his latest slug from the Associated Press is just a wee bit of ridiculous overkill.

A swarm of bees set up shop in Boras' luxury suite during Sunday's A's-Angels game at Angel Stadium and stayed there for the first two innings. Though Boras was not in the box at the time, the AP determined it was a newsworthy-enough event to distribute both a short article and picture for use in newspapers and blogs across the country.

Now, I can't say that I remember everything from my old journalism classes, but I know that we learned both of the following formulas pretty early in each semester:

1. Scott Boras + Boras' head covered in bees + clarinet = News

2. Scott Boras + luxury suite + anything short of a bad TV movie = Not news

At any rate, the bees were later removed with a vacuum. That seems like a pretty dangerous way to get rid of bees, but I'm far from an expert on extermination.