Nationals racing presidents catch Batman fever, don costumes for contest

The Washington Nationals succumbed to Batmania on Wednesday night, dressing up two of their racing presidents as characters from the latest Batflick. Playing Batman was noted vampire hunter Abraham Lincoln while the never-victorious Teddy Roosevelt donned the getup of the villain du jour, Bane.

Our pals over at Let Teddy Win had the call:

Roosevelt jumped out to a big lead, with Abe bringing up the rear. As the finish line approached, Teddy/Bane turned to knock out George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but Lincoln/Batman caught up to Teddy and took him down, leaving Jefferson with an open path to victory.

So, for those of you dittoheads keeping score at home, those were Republicans portraying both the hero and the villain at Nationals Park. Let's see Rush Limbaugh try to create a controversy from that.

Big BLS H/N: DC Sports Bog

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