Nationals' Dunn visits Brewers broadcaster Uecker in 2nd inning

All that Adam Dunn(notes) wanted to do was see his pal Bob Uecker.

So, being a good friend, the Washington Nationals slugger took a few moments Saturday to chat with the iconic Milwaukee Brewers radio broadcaster, who recently returned to work after heart surgery.

Minor technical note: Dunn made his visit during the bottom of the second inning.

Dunn wasn't part of manager Jim Riggleman's lineup, and because it was improbable the Nats would need him in the first few innings against the Brewers, he simply found his way to WTMJ's radio booth at Miller Park and made himself comfortable for a few pitches.

Dunn even made it on the air, telling Uecker with a laugh that he wanted to "make sure you don't go dying on me" before the two had a chance to go fishing.

Check out Dunn's appearance with Uecker during the game

It was a whole seven innings before the Nats would need Dunn to pinch hit (and tie the score). See? He had all afternoon to shoot the breeze with Mr. Baseball.

Except, not only did Riggleman not give Dunn permission, he had no idea he had left the Nats' bench and clubhouse.

"I wish you hadn't told me that," Riggleman told a reporter after the game — which the Nats lost. "I don't have any comment on that."

Dunn and Uecker tried to downplay the unusual in-game appearance.

"It was good. I've known that guy for a long time. To get to see him healthy and having fun and back doing what he love is great," Dunn said.

He expected it to be a minor issue with his employer.

"I could [not] care less if I get in trouble for going up and seeing my guy after he had heart surgery," Dunn said. "I'll pay my fine."

Uecker said Dunn's appearance was startling at first.

"He's one of my all-time favorite guys," said Uecker, who didn't know Dunn was coming and didn't want Dunn to get into trouble. "He scared me because he was kneeling down behind me. Said he wanted to see me in case I expired."

Sounds like the kind of friend anyone would want.

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