Nate McLouth needs all the All-Star help he can get

If Nate McLouth starts making huge gains in the All-Star voting — or Adam LaRoche or Ronny Paulino, for that matter — we'll know who to credit.

From Nick Piecoro's D'backs Blog:

Outside of every clubhouse, there’s a security guard at the door to make sure only people with the proper access are allowed inside.

As you can imagine, it can be a bit of a slow job. Some ballparks have televisions right outside the clubhouse, so they can at least have something to watch.

The guard outside the visitor’s clubhouse here in Pittsburgh, Craig, has found something else to do to occupy his time.

For the past couple of weeks, he has been punching All-Star ballots, one after the other.

And he’s been tracking how many he has completed.

As of this morning, he said he had punched 13,814 ballots. He said he can usually do about 1,500 a game.

And, yes, he's voting for Pirates.

If McLouth is to start in New York — and he should, considering he has better stats the league's top three vote-getters in OF — Craig best start pulling some overtime or the Pirates better start playing a lot more home games*.

As of the last numbers, McLouth ranked 11th among NL outfielders with 269,240 votes. Not a bad total for someone based in Iron City, but it's still 221,357 away from Ken Griffey, Jr., who ranks third (behind Alfonso Soriano and Kosuke Fukudome.)

McLouth, however, got another six votes from me when I became a bit bored during the White Sox' blowout of the Twins on Friday and snagged a pen so I could poke some chads.

Frank Thomas, too.

*Yes, I know that you could make a pretty good case for Xavier Nady, who's not even in the top 15 vote-getters. But one thing at a time here, Pittsburgh people.

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