Must-watch: Derek Holland impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger from Kindergarten Cop

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

After a great 2011 postseason in which he looked like a potential breakout star, Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland has posted a subpar 2012. The 25-year-old lefthander is 7-6 with a 4.98 ERA, 91 ERA+ and no shutouts, just one year after going 16-5 with a 3.95 ERA, 112 ERA+ and four shutouts. That's not exactly the type of progression the Rangers wanted to see after signing him to a nice and sizable arb-eating contract in spring training.

He's also been disappointing in the eyes of the Stew.  Not because we're big Texas Rangers fans, but because Holland previously showed serious signs of becoming a breakout blog star. Whether it was becoming a part-time Dallas weatherman, cultivating a Kurt Vonnegut-type look, impersonating manager Ron Washington or driving a dune buggy, Holland has been hilarious. Anyway, it's great to see Holland regaining some of his funny chops (and maybe his pitching performance will follow). During a recent visit to the MLB Fan Cave, Holland took part in a bit in which various MLB figures impersonated the actors from The Expendables 2. While the other people involved are worth a laugh or two, you'll spend the whole video hoping there's an outtake reel of Holland doing nothing but Arnold Schwarzenegger from Kindergarten Cop.

BONUS LINK: It's a fact that I either didn't know or had forgotten, but relief pitcher Brian Bruney was an extra during Kindergarten Cop's fire drill scene.

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