‘Mr. Go’ looks to be both the best and worst baseball movie of all time

Mike Oz

I guess if American filmmakers can turn a 12-year-old kid into a major league pitcher like they did in "Rookie of the Year," then Asian filmmakers can make a gigantic gorilla a baseball player, like they've done in the ridiculous-looking new movie "Mr. Go."

The film — which hit theaters this week in Korea and China — is about a Chinese gorilla named Ling Ling that leaves the circus to become a home run-smacking baseball player in the Korean Baseball Organization named Mr. Go. Sounds totally plausible, right?

Actually, it sounds like the craziest baseball movie I've ever heard of. And also a good reason to invest in Rosetta Stone, 'cause I need to see this movie. It sounds like the baseball equivalent of "Sharknado."

Here's an apparent scene from the movie — I think, I dunno, YouTube just recommended I watch it. It's pretty baseball specific, and also totally indicative of what you'll expect from a $25 million film about a baseball-playing gorilla. Can't wait for the sequel, when Mr. Go comes to MLB after a huge bidding war, then gets busted for PEDs.

Oh, and I think it's pretty obvious that Mr. Go shakes up the Fantasy Fantasy Baseball draft board something serious.

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