Movin' on up: Buy Jeter’s luxurious NYC penthouse for $20 mil

When Derek Jeter(notes) first tried to sell his luxury condo in September, the $20 million listing showed off empty rooms with fixtures in need of serious updating.

Worst omission: The kitchen had no range.

But seriously, folks, prospective buyers would have no idea that a New York Yankees icon slept there. With such spartan rooms, it didn't even look lived in. Jeter must have been crashing at girlfriend Minka Kelly's pad at the time.

Well, it was a miscalculation. Nobody bought the place.

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Come on, Cap'n. In this real estate market — no, in this day and age — you gotta pimp stuff out if you want someone to buy. Even a 5,425-square foot bachelor penthouse residence on the desirable 88th floor of Trump World Tower in Manhattan.

Well, Jeter is no fool because the listing has been updated with photos of a furnished living space. Either he and Kelly channeled their inner Ty Pennington and Paige Davis and went to work overhauling the place or his real estate agent used old photos and/or got creative with some mad Photoshop skills.

(It really looks like the latter, but it's fun to imagine Derek and Minka in paint-splattered overalls. Well, her, anyway.)

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The result? Great success! Now, the condo actually looks like Jeter lives there: Sterile, but with the airs of privilege. The best part: He's kept the price at $20 million.

Check out the specs over on Business Insider. Look below for more pics.

Jeter's pad includes ...

• Sixteen-foot windows that offer an unparalleled view of the Manhattan skyline and giant Yankees pitcher, CC Sabathia(notes).

• The latest electronic gadgets — including a Lutron lighting system, a Crestron home audio/visual system and an escape pod in case landlord Donald Trump ever pops by.

• Living-room fireplace — for tossing unfavorable scouting reports, binders that manager Joe Girardi hands out to players and movie scripts not up to the standards that Jeter set in "The Other Guys."

• Chef's kitchen with a breakfast nook and pie bakery designed by A.J. Burnett(notes).

• A den for Nick Swisher(notes) to play in.

• 5 1/2 bathrooms, each with a Driven cologne dispenser.

• Four bedrooms with walls decorated in popular A-Rod Centaur pattern. Psych!

If you thought the apartment was swank, check out the new Jeter Compound, currently under construction in Tampa. Not much of a lawn, but the private boat launch more than compensates.

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