Move over Quincy and Clive, here comes Frank Thomas (again)

Actually, Quincy Jones and Clive Davis probably don't have to worry about the Big Hurt putting the big hurt to their statuses as hit-making and Grammy-hauling music magnates just yet.

But let it be known that Frank Thomas(notes) wants at least a little slice of their successes.

As he waits for his eventual Hall of Fame induction, the former Chicago White Sox slugger is again trying his hand in the music industry with his new label, W2W Records. He's both the founder and CEO of the venture and the name is derived from the phrase "Will To Win." Thomas' likeness is even incorporated into the label's logo.

"People are not used to me doing what I'm doing right now," Thomas told CBS 2 Chicago last month. "When people pick this up, they're going to be pleasantly surprised that I put this together. They're going to be shocked."

A superstar athlete spending his money on a music project? Why, we haven't heard of such a thing since Thomas started the now-defunct R&B label Un-D-Nyable Entertainment in the '90s.

OK, maybe I should give Thomas a bit more of a chance, especially since his second voyage into Berry Gordy territory is still in its early stages. Thomas' biggest act right now is BelleVoxx, a Las Vegas-based female trio that just released its first video, "Looking For Love."

It's not exactly my cup of tea — needs more cowbell, Frank — but I certainly have no earthly idea what the kids are into these days. It doesn't sound any worse than Justin Bieber's music. Maybe BelleVoxx will be a relative success and Thomas' investment will pay off, I have no idea.

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But judging from the initial recognition of his three musical charges — Denisse, Harmony and Raquel — he's not going to be selling any records to today's kids on the strength of his outstanding baseball career.

Indeed, the women had no idea who Thomas was when he first signed them to W2W.

From CBS:

"I had to ask my dad" said Harmony.

"I thought it was ‘Big Heart' on his license plates and I told my boyfriend, "he does have a big heart" and he was like ‘Honey, that's Big Hurt. That's his nickname,'" adds Denisse, another member of the group.

Well, at least he kind of looks the part of big-time record titan (above and below).

Best of luck to the Big Hurt this time around.

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