Morning Juice: Twins just can't escape from New York

This and every weekday a.m. during baseball season, let's rise and shine together to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in New York City, from which the Twins will never, ever leave.

Game of the Day

Yankees 3, Twins 2 (10 inn.)

House that Ruth Built arrest: Three games, three victories in the last at-bat for the Yankees. Like a nightmare with no ending, the Twins couldn't even get a flight out of New York City on Sunday, so they're making them play in the Bronx again tonight. Or maybe it's just a wraparound series.

Staying power: On Friday, Brett Gardner(notes) had a Babe Ruth moment with a sick little girl in the hospital. She gave him a bracelet, he hit a home run — unbelievable, almost to the point of being actually unbelievable — and the Yankees scored three times in the ninth against Joe Nathan(notes). On Saturday, A-Rod homered in the 11th and got a shaving cream pie in the face, probably for the homer. On Sunday, Damon went deep in the 10th and the Twinkies dropped to 3-22 in the Bronx lately. No, you

Cooperstown, Johnny, Cooperstown! I'm not saying it's easier to hit homers in the new park, but Damon has 10 already; his career-high is 24. Did you also know Damon has 2,316 career hits? He's also got 1,405 runs. He has a good chance for 3,000 hits and 1,750 runs — which would put him in the top 20 all-time, and I guess, in the Hall of Fame.

* * *

Feelin' Rundown (we can leave New York whenever we want to):

Dodgers 12, Marlins 5: Clayton Kershaw(notes) seemed to remind everyone of Sandy Koufax, from the mound presence, to the 12-6 curveball, to the no-hitter he took into the eighth. Walking around with the yarmulke on his head after the game was a bit much. John Koronka(notes), meanwhile, kept trying his windup from the fetal position (right) with limited success.

Tigers 11, Athletics 7: There aren't many pitchers around these days like Zach Miner(notes), whom you might find in the rotation one moment and pitching 4 1/3 innings of rescue relief the next. He's very '80s like that.

Brewers 8, Cardinals 2: I love Yadier Molina(notes) just as much as the next guy, but cleanup? The Cardinals walk the finest line between making the most of a bad situation and asking the question, "Are we in Memphis?"

Rangers 3, Angels 0: First, the Santa at Macy's tells shoppers to head to Gimbels. Now, they're pitching shutouts in Arlington. Tomorrow?

Astros 6, Cubs 5: I'm not sure which is more embarrassing, when they throw garbage or home-run balls at Wrigley. Garbage, it would seem the obvious choice, but there are any number of reasons why you don't throw back home-run balls. At the very least, you can extort something out of Ivan Rodriguez(notes) for his 300th career homer. A signed something. A photo-op. A chance to tell him you love him.

Blue Jays 8, White Sox 2: It's Victoria Day in Canada, which means Queen Victoria, herself, will be on hand at Skydome to watch the Jays sweep the wraparound goal series.

Padres 3, Reds 1: Of the 122 pitches Jake Peavy(notes) threw, 92 went for strikes. Ninety-two strikes! Elias? ... This Joey Votts thing is getting scary; since May 7, he's missed fives starts because of flu and left two early because of dizziness.

Rays 7, Indians 5: Maddon forget to put Longoria, and a DH, in the lineup and got neither. Hilarious only because the Rays won.

Giants 2, Mets 0: Who am I? Balk, balk, balk! Answer: Mike Pelfrey(notes), who claimed to have "the yips," after balking thrice.

Mariners 3, Red Sox 2: In the truest imitation anyone could muster, Rocco Baldelli(notes) went 0-for-11 with seven strikeouts in place of struggling designated O-fer David Ortiz(notes).

Pirates 11, Rockies 4: The Duke Boy just waited long enough for the seventh inning, when Cooter, Daisy and Uncle Jesse came to the rescue in the General with 10 runs.

Royals 7, Orioles 4: Luke Hochevar(notes), you must go to the Dagobah System Omaha.

Phillies 8, Nationals 6: Forty-two combined walks in the four-game sweep. Must have been painful. Zimmerman's hitting streak at zero Sunday.

D-backs at Braves, ppd. (rain): Head inside and watch Paula's Party, I guess.

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