Morning Juice: Fielder hits grand slam, plays paddy-cake

This and every weekday a.m. during baseball season, let's rise and shine together to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call (such as it is) starts (and almost ends) in Cleveland, where the Indians' wonderful bullpen (sarcasm) was on display for most of the world to see in one of the two games played in the majors.

Game of the Day: Brewers 14, Indians 12

Prince creams it: Milwaukee trailed in the eighth inning, but it seemed only a prelude to a Brewers victory, considering Cleveland's bullpen was in charge of keeping control of a run-plagued game. Mostly on walks, Tribe relief unwisely loaded the bases for slugger Prince Fielder(notes), who did as he was taught by his Big Daddy: the young man cleaned his plate (VIDEO). Fielder pierced the sound barrier with a pea into the right-field bleachers for his first career grand slam. I can't believe it, either. But the Internets says it's true!

Rafael Perez(notes) gave up the homer but Matt Herges(notes), one who preceded Perez, gets quoted:

"It's a situation where you come in and throw strikes," Herges said. "I didn't do that. Period. That was on me. I'm better than coming in in the eighth inning with the lead and walking the first guy. That's why I'll have trouble sleeping tonight."

Fielder drove in six, and Ryan Braun (his paddy-cake partner) scored four runs, drove in five and missed the cycle by a double (FAIL). Kidding!

Wild things: Maybe Cleveland pitchers need to be fitted with some kind of awkward-looking seeing device. The Indians walked seven, giving them an MLB-high 261 free passes this season. Serendipitous, with it being Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn Bobblehead Doll Night at Progressive Field. As part of the year-long celebration (in my house, anyway) of the 20th anniversary of the release of the all-time baseball epic "Major League," fans in attendance received a li'l doll of Charlie Sheen. The giveaway came with a warning sticker to keep it away from hookers and blow.

And it's already on the secondary market.

* * *

Bad T-shirt alert: The guys (and/or perhaps gals) over at Rightfield Bleachers complained about this first. Allow me to repeat their wailings. What kind of a dopey parent lets their (10-year-old?) kid wear a T-shirt that says "Brewers Suck Sausage"? RFB said it was "mildly funny" but even if we give it points for humor, we take them away for letting a pre-pubescent human wear something intended (hopefully) for an adult.

Two other things I don't get: Cameras caught a female Cleveland fan jokingly starting to do a Tomahawk Chop last night. Why don't Indians fans do the Chop, like they do in Atlanta and Tallahassee? It's not because of their reverence for Native Americans (see Chief Wahoo). Just never caught on there, or what?

Steve Phillips. In discussing his fantasy baseball league in which he plays against other ESPNers, he said something along the lines of, "If you happen to own someone who played in this game, with all these runs scored, you can gain a real advantage because there are only two games tonight."

I suppose there's some kind of screwed-up league out there where this is true, but most people probably play in a fantasy league where the number of games on a given night is irrelevant. Phillips added that he's in second place in this league, so Mets fans can insert their own jokes about how Phillips does in fantasy ball vs. how he did in reality.

* * *

Feelin' Rundown (after one game!):

Angels 9, Giants 7: Halos fans collectively were holding their breath after Torii Hunter(notes) slammed into the outfield fence in pursuit of a fly ball. Though he was escorted off the field by trainers, his wounds do not appear serious. An X-ray on his ribcage was negative and he hopes to play again by Friday against the Dodgers.

Some good luck for the Angels for a change (VIDEO).

The scars with Barry Zito(notes), as usual, will be harder to read. The Z-man had his shortest outing of the season — 3 2/3 innings — allowing 10 hits and seven earned. No walks, though. Let's give it up for the guy!

Zito, succinct as he often is, advised everyone to ignore his performance.

"This is a game you flush down the toilet and keep going," Zito said.

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