Morning Juice: Dodgers walk, do bases-loaded boogie, win

This and every weekday a.m. during baseball season, let's rise and shine together to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call begins in Los Angeles, California. This is the city. Vin Scully's back yard, where nirvana can be ball four with the bases loaded, especially when the Giants are in town. James Loney carries a badge.

Game of the Day: Dodgers 5, Giants 4

Wild honey: Like his namesake in a few of those late-'60s Beach Boys albums, Brian Wilson was all over the place in the ninth against Loney, who waited for ball four to go by on 3-2 to force in the winning run.

"It's weird not running hard to first, and then you turn around and everybody's celebrating," Loney said.

Did someone say "celebrating"?

Everybody's wearing 42!: It was Kafka-esque. Couldn't tell Matt Kemp from Clayton Kershaw. Shouldn't the Dodgers wear "Brooklyn" uniforms on this day?

Zip: Actually, Kershaw was the guy who allowed one hit while striking out 13 and walking one over seven innings. What a sweet line score that produces. At age 21, he's the youngest Dodger since Sandy Koufax, who was 19 in 1955, to strike out that many.

"He just kept guys off-balance and overpowered us with the fastball," Rich Aurilia says. "For a young guy, that’s pretty impressive, what he did."

The Giants jumped all over Dodgers relief once Kershaw left, taking a 4-2 lead in the eighth on Aaron Rowand's homer, but they couldn't hold the lead for long.

Booglaloo Shrump: Follow this link to freedom! (safe for work).

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Feelin' Rundown (more scores and s'mores):

Mariners 11, Angels 3: Old Kid goes deep for his 400th as a Mariner; Ichiro plugs the hole in his gut and hits a slam; the M's clobber the Angels to improve to 7-2. What did the Devil get to make this deal?

Phillies at Nationals, ppd. (rain): Finally, the Nats catch a break.

Rangers 19, Orioles 6: Ian Kinsler, just as the Dodgers' Orlando Hudson did earlier in the week, completes the cycle with a triple and goes 6-for-6 on the day. These guys know how to accomplish something with a sense of flair. ... I want to keep track of how many times the Rangers bludgeon the other team. I'm saying this makes four.

Rockies 5, Cubs 2: Boo Jason Marquis? It's a smaller version of Scott Eyre being let go by the Cubs and winning a World Series with the Phillies. Everyone comes away a winner. Oh, except for the Cubs.

Cardinals 12, D-backs 7: Ryan Ludwick has hit in all seven games in which he's played this season. He ended the 2008 season with an 11-game hitting streak. So, does that mean he's hit in seven straight or 18 straight? "It's two different years," Ludwick said. There you go.

Astros 4, Pirates 1: Mike Hampton actually pitched well at the end of last year, too, so maybe he's onto something. ... Way to break out the bats, Houston. Don't use up all your runs at once, OK, pardners?

Mets 7, Padres 2: The novelty's already worn off; Citi's crowd of 35,581 was about 6,000 short of capacity. ... Gary Sheffield started in right field. Right, eh? What's that noise Curly makes when he's nervous? "Nyaaah, nyaaah"? Or is that Shemp? Or was it Abbott and Costello?

Marlins 10, Braves 4: Fish won the World Series in 1997 ... then in 2003 ... and now it's six more seasons since that one ... hmm. Pattern! The guy who got the victory, Hayden Penn, was making his first career relief appearance. How could the Orioles start a guy named Penn? Orioles Magic FAIL.

Red Sox 8, Athletics 2: Knucklehead Tim Wakefield takes a kno-hitter into the eighth and gives Boston's bullpen a break. Way to go, old boy!

Brewers 9, Reds 3: Couple of home runs for Mike Cameron, which is the best way to keep the ball away from the opposing pitcher's face.

Tigers 9, White Sox 0: Armando Galarraga was locked in a pitchers duel for half of the game, but then Jose Contreras dropped his saber.

Indians 5, Royals 4: Big seventh inning puts the Tribe over the top for a road victory. Kyle Farnsworth again proves reliable, for the opponent, in the later going.

Yankees 4, Rays 3: It wasn't a road trip to Japan and points east, but the Yanks at least can put away the suitcases now feeling pretty good about going 5-4 to start the season.

"I told you our season wasn't over after two games," captain Derek Jeter said.

Nor is it safe after nine games, my Driven-smelling friend!

Blue Jays 12, Twins 2: Four homers by the o-fence and a solid outing for pitcher Scott Richmond, who used to work a tugboat out of British Columbia. Sounds like a Discovery Channel show right there.

* * *

Words of Mouth:

"Obviously, that’s not the way I was raised, to boo people, but everybody is different." — Marquis

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