More meddling! We’ve found Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria’s to-do list

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

A juicy story out of Miami says Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is meddling in baseball decisions and infuriating players. Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan broke the story, which makes Loria — baseball's most mocked owner — sound like he's been reading the Al Davis/Jerry Jones handbook of franchise ownership.

Loria reportedly ordered manager Mike Redmond to start rookie Jose Fernandez instead of veteran Ricky Nolasco in the first game of Tuesday's doubleheader. Protocol says the veteran pitcher gets to choose which game he starts. This is more than violating one of baseball's "unwritten rules." It further makes Marlins players dislike their owner and it diminishes Redmond's authority as manager.

Here at Big League Stew, we're not as cool as Jeff Passan with all his fancy connections. But we did manage to get our hands on an exclusive document — Jeffrey Loria's To-Do List. As you can see, his meddling goes well behind the Marlins lineup.

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