ModernTube: Toddlin' toddler enjoys a beer at Phillies game


Yes, these clips of a young Philadelphia Phillies fan enjoying a cold pop on a hot day are taking the sports blogosphere by storm. (Watch the second swig here.) And for good reason: Who doesn't like watching a Philly fan of any age self-medicating before that night's Flyers loss?

Still, just imagine the kind of traffic this youngster is going to generate when he ices one of his preschool pals this fall. We're talking Spencer Hall-at-#bwb3 levels of notoriety.

The videos, by the way, come courtesy of The Fightins, which is — or at least should be — your only source for all excellent beer-related baseball posts.

(No joke, this might be my favorite item in Internet history. Just great form there.)

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